Ivan is a Multi-Medium Creative who loves telling stories of people and places through his professional work which is also his un-dying  passion - art, music, nature and technology.

For custom artwork, sculpture, illustration, music, website or app technology, video production, animation or photography, make contact with Ivan for a quotation, nothing is too big or too small.


Ivan's history:

Art - From the early age of three years old he was drawing and painting influenced by his grand-father Herman Douwes who was both a commercial artist and art teacher in Johannesburg South Africa. Continued drawing and painting all through school, after school studied at a local art college - design, printing, painting, sculpture etc. Experiences in advertising doing illustration, artwork commissions etc. Been involved in plenty of installation art and sculpture projects through friends who's focus is in those fields. Even built a mobile artwork for Afrika Burn in 2014.

Music - Started singing very early, started playing piano at 5 yrs, was very actice throughout primary and high school in plays, eistedford, choir etc. Started playing guitar and writing songs at age 15 mostly self-taught. With the rise of digital music tools and computer programs, learned that and produced some interesting experimental music during that time. Later on started studying more theory. Various bands from high school onward. Solo career began in 2011, Borderlands album in 2014.

Technology - Helped dad with fixing cars from early on, always having a love for mechanics. Learned computers from age 11, always having a keen interest in learning how things work, even writing his first basic computer program at age 12, kept learning more about computers throughout school with the help of his older brother Anthony. Then after the art college experience self-taught internet technologies, web-design, multi-media. Spent the following 10 years mainly focused on web-development and being very active in the open-source community helping to grow easier to use web technologies. With the rise of the "Internet of things" iv'e been studying more into electronics, communications and a strong interest in robotics.

Nature and Travel - Traveled a lot when very young, lots of camping and safari type stuff, bird-watching, first thing can remember wanting to be a game ranger, cubs, sea scouts, after school one of the first things I did was volunteer at a wild-life association through Errol who was studying nature conservation. Since then been constantly working at building a lifestyle of travel that integrates all of my diverse passions.

If you know of  an interesting person, or place that Ivan should write about  contact him!

He loves creating for people and telling their stories through his creative work. Besides actual art, music, websites, apps or other creative commissions he does for clients, he also consistently writes about them and publishes these stories here on the web. Periodically and on request these stories get published to various other platforms such as Facebook, other online platforms or even traditional media such as magazine's or television along with Ivan's original artwork and commissions.

These are some of the creative works Ivan has done in the past for clients, both as a solo creative and in conjunction with his network of pro's:
    Songs and music (Lyrics, Music, Records)
    Paintings (various mediums, portraits, landscapes etc.)
    Sculpting (various mediums, various subjects)
    Websites (Simple informative sites and more complex systems)
    Apps (Mobile and desktop apps)
    Illustration and digital art (The sky is not the limit)
    Animations (Moving art is really cool)
    Photographs (Ivan takes good photo's and has friends who take really spectacular photo's)
    Film and editing ( For Youtube videos, Creative short films etc.)
    Tools  and Technologies (Ivan has an "Anything is possible policy")

Contact Ivan.