I'm trying out this great new app to update my website from my phone. It's awesome, I can add images directly from my android gallery. Big step for Joomla content creation..


Interjet provides service and maintenance for a variety of jet and turbine propelled aircraft. They also re-furbish and upgrade internal avionics systems. I love working with them because they are a dynamic and forward thinking company and being Aircraft engineers they're also really passionate at what they do. I build web and mobile systems for them that assist in various ways.



Cyber Steam is the name I've traded under from 2007 to present. All my internet, website and app projects fall under this banner as well as other technology related work. There is a dedicated data store of historical projects and current work but I don't maintain the website at present because I prefer working here on my personal site for everything. It's easier that way.

Iv'e been working on my Raspberry Pi security camera again and recently got my friend Roger to print me a little case on his 3D printer. It's looking cool now and I've set up the MOTION software on it so that I can view the camera over the home wi-fi connection. More coming soon!

FlyH2 Aerospace is a cutting edge UAV services company that offers various surveillance and research missions.The business was founded by my friend Mark Van Wyk who is an inspiring individual with one of the sharpest minds I've come across!


My mind is constantly spewing out business ideas so if something strikes your interest then go ahead and make it happen, I really think all these ideas would be useful to people.


A cloud service that immortalizes web pages and applications in the event of death or divestment. Digimmortal will preserve your website, app or data storage and make sure that it survives forever and available to others if you so wish! You have the power to setup how your current data is used long after you are gone, ensuring that your digital footprint continues your legacy , long into the future. By Ivan 28/07/2016



Comedia is a boutique advertising agency that does some fantastic creations in both radio and television. I built them a website to showcase some of their work and what a fun project it was! Take a look, they are moving and shaking. www.comedia.mobi

Today I met up with Alosha and he told me more about his community project that he's working on. It's basically all about making homes and living spaces/communities that are completely self sustainable and self productive. His vision is to create communities with buildings and environments that are beneficial to one's health using specific design elements to accentuate and amplify the energy of these spaces. These living areas are completely healthy places from the inside out that feed not only your body but your whole being. At the moment he is gathering resources and developing this project, im looking forward to what he has in store. Exciting stuff!

A while ago he also released a really cool free e-book about sacred geometry and it's a great book for adults and children with some sections that are made specifically for colouring in.. if the download still exists here it is!