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As a patron you can support me and interact with me as the creative process unfolds.

Here you can make a monthly contribution which helps me keep churning out work consistently and gives you access to work that I'm busy with as well as other exclusive content. Funds raised here go towards making ever better artwork, recording, video’s, and merchandise too so it’s a win win for everyone!! When I raise enough i'll even start documenting in real-time which is going to be a really fun project to undertake!

Patrons get exclusive access to limited editions, one time recordings and also have direct interaction with me regarding my creations. If you have idea’s you’d like to see or hear you can tell me about them! This is only for people who want to make a consistent contribution and can afford something regular to help me make magic.

If you're not ready now, the invitation is always open if you want to join in. Thanks so much for all the support you’ve shown me so far, I appreciate it deeply.

Three tiers of monthly payments are available. (The amount is displayed in US$ but you can use any card from any country. You can stop the debit at anytime.)